KA2: Fotochallenge zu den Erasmus-Days 2020

Liebe Leserinnen und Leser,

im Rahmen der diesjährigen Erasmus-Days haben wir innerhalb unseres KA2-Projekts eine Fotochallenge veranstaltet.

Aus den vielen Einsendungen, hat die Fachjury das Foto von Ludovica Mojoli zum Sieger gekürt:

We were in Friburgh, it impressed me so much! There’s a sort of contrast in this place: it seems like a city which comes out from a fairy tale but not only… When you walk around you can find some murals that often represent subjects like old warriors.

But at the same time you are surrounded by cycles and pedestrians, never by cars.

This made me think about how amazing is the fusion of the past and the activism of the modernity in issues like ecology. Nowadays we are used to think about these realities as two different worlds that can’t stay together. This is not true, Friburgh teaches us that wonder is always created by a mixture!

For the same reason our Erasmus+ project taught us that only together, putting together our cultures and knowledges, we can build an amazing world.. Remember: fusion is always the best option!


Herzlichen Glückwunsch liebe Ludovica. Die Siegprämie von 50 € werden wir dir in den nächsten Tagen zukommen lassen.